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Landscape Maintenance

landscapesliderMost of the landscape services offered by Ramirez Landscape are designed with large scale landscapes in mind. This means that our landscapers don’t typically perform their residential landscape maintenance, these services are catered to projects for commercial properties like parks or large scale communities. Our most common type of client for these services are homeowners associations that are looking for a landscaping company to construct something from scratch, or landscapers to maintain their pre-existing landscape. If the landscape service you seek is a design from scratch, the process is generally the same across all projects. Our landscaping company comes in after you have visited a designer, we will meet with them and get a detailed look at the proposed layout. Seeing the blueprint allows us to create an accurate estimate of how long the project would take and how much it would cost. If our estimate fits into your budget, then we can move forward into the planning and construction phases of the landscaping process. Construction includes our landscapers planting the desired plant life, our contractors installing a plant watering system, creating the desired terrain features (like hills, leveling the ground, etc). Ultimately, our landscaping company aims to deliver on a promise for affordable beautifully kept grounds.

Suppose you already have your dream landscape, certainly you will need landscapers to look after it and maintain its current appearance. We are also capable of keeping your lawn landscaping in its perfect state. This includes cultivating healthy growth through optimal watering and soil, gardening services, and preventing overgrowth through our lawn mowing service. The bottom line is this; we are passionate landscapers! If you need help with upkeep, don’t stress and hire the experts! You will receive routine visits and maintenance for your landscape, we promise you’ll love our work, every single time!

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